New Release – The Devil’s Cavalry by Paralex.

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Paralex are pleased to announce the release of the third track from our back-catalogue, a super little ditty entitled ‘The Devil’s Cavalry’. Orginally recorded in May 1986 in the same session as ‘We Are Not the First’, it features lyrics by Linda Hall.

I’m not really sure really sure what the song’s about but my interpretation is that it is someone’s descent into insanity. A very dark lyric is swept along by racing double kicks and blistering guitar riffs. We hope you enjoy it.

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Cover artwork: The Four Horsemen by Yayashin on deviantART.

Mark Gibson – Guitars/Backing vocals
Ian Johnson – Guitars
Jez O’Donovan – Drums
Phil Ayling – Vocals
Dave Blundy – Bass

Music – Mark Walker
Lyrics – Linda Hall

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