Paralex sign to No Remorse Records.

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29 years after splitting up, Paralex are immensely proud to announce that we have signed a one-off deal with No Remorse Records, a Greek label specialising in NWOBHM re-releases. The contract is for a one album deal, tentatively entitled ‘Legacy’, which will feature both the 1980 and 2015 versions of the three original EP tracks, plus seven other tracks making …


New Release – The Devil’s Cavalry by Paralex.

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Paralex are pleased to announce the release of the third track from our back-catalogue, a super little ditty entitled ‘The Devil’s Cavalry’. Orginally recorded in May 1986 in the same session as ‘We Are Not the First’, it features lyrics by Linda Hall. I’m not really sure really sure what the song’s about but my interpretation is that it is …


New release available – Dogfight by Paralex.

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Here’s the second track of our ‘Legacy’ project: Dogfight, which was first recorded in April 1984 at the East Midlands Recording Studio (EARS) in Sleaford, UK. Set in the distant future where the skies are constantly monitored for signs of alien invasion, the call finally comes – Scramble! – and our heroic pilots scream into the night sky to engage …

We’re back… sort of

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OK, story so far… For the past few years, we have had numerous enquiries from NWOBHM fans about the availability of old Paralex material and offers from record companies to put the same material out. The fact is that the old tapes, although they still exist, are in not usable. Even if they were, the material on there is certainly …