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OK, story so far…

For the past few years, we have had numerous enquiries from NWOBHM fans about the availability of old Paralex material and offers from record companies to put the same material out.

The fact is that the old tapes, although they still exist, are in not usable. Even if they were, the material on there is certainly not of merchantable quality. They were recorded as demos and served their purpose at the time. However we would not be happy in the knowledge that fans might part with cash to hear material of such poor quality.

To that end, we have always denied requests for the old demos and turned down any offers from record companies to publish them.

With the current interest in old NWOBHM music and many bands reforming, we thought the time might be right to try and re-record some songs so that the die-hard fans can finally hear some of the best Paralex material. Now Mark Gibson, Ian Johnson, Phil Ayling, Jez O’Donovan and Dave Blundy, a line-up from 1984, are now working together again.We may invite other ex-members to join in at a later date. We have absolutely no intention of reforming or playing any gigs, so please don’t ask!.

Let’s make it clear – we are all amateurs at this. We are all recording at home using consumer equipment, recording on PCs and on a massive learning curve. Don’t expect soaring Andy Sneap-esque production values. But we hope will will have something that represents a modern take on some classic Paralex numbers.

What we do with the tracks after we’ve done them is yet undecided. We may put them on iTunes, but we’ll more likely than not give them away.

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