Downloads now available.

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The completed Paralex tracks are now available on the downloads page. We have put countless hours into creating this music. Please consider making a donation to help keep the world a more metal place!  Remember, a donation of just £2 will buy a whole week’s worth of porridge and Ovaltine for one of these ageing rockers. Anyway, enjoy the music …


New Release – The Devil’s Cavalry by Paralex.

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Paralex are pleased to announce the release of the third track from our back-catalogue, a super little ditty entitled ‘The Devil’s Cavalry’. Orginally recorded in May 1986 in the same session as ‘We Are Not the First’, it features lyrics by Linda Hall. I’m not really sure really sure what the song’s about but my interpretation is that it is …


New release available – Dogfight by Paralex.

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Here’s the second track of our ‘Legacy’ project: Dogfight, which was first recorded in April 1984 at the East Midlands Recording Studio (EARS) in Sleaford, UK. Set in the distant future where the skies are constantly monitored for signs of alien invasion, the call finally comes – Scramble! – and our heroic pilots scream into the night sky to engage …


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A few people have asked who is doing the cover artwork for our recordings. We can’t claim any kudos for this at all as we’re just finding copyright free atwork from the Deviant Art web site. The artist’s copyright is intact on the cover and we will be posting full credits and links to the artist’s work in due course. …

Making good progress.

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Well, the idea was to keep you posted on this website as to what was happening with the Paralex project and although there has been a lot going on, we’ve failed to keep you informed. So firstly, we’d like to say sorry for that. We’ll try and give you weekly updates from now on. There’s been plenty happening since our …