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Well, the idea was to keep you posted on this website as to what was happening with the Paralex project and although there has been a lot going on, we’ve failed to keep you informed. So firstly, we’d like to say sorry for that. We’ll try and give you weekly updates from now on.

There’s been plenty happening since our last post (wow! was it really back in December? Oooops!).

Things were initially (very) slow to start off with us getting to grips with new (to us) technology and equipment, exacerbated by things like broken ribs, family deaths and the fact that we are so far apart (Johnno being in Canada and Jez in the North of England). However, we have now overcome all these obstacles and are moving on apace.

The instrumental mix of the first track – We Are Not The First – is complete and the vocals are being added and mixed in as this is being typed. Track number 2 – Dogfight – is almost recorded with the initial mix being worked on. Just a few guitar parts to be added, along with vox and a serious mix down will start.

It is worth mentioning here that a few weeks were wasted with Gib and Phil farting around with various mixes of WANTF before Johnno declared that he had spent time studying at the London School of Audio Engineering after he had left Paralex in the mid 80’s! Apparently he didn’t tell anyone because he didn’t want to ‘toot his own horn’. Why not mate? We like to toot ours at least twice a day! Anyway, Johnno now has the bridge of Starship Paralex and we have every confidence in his abilities.

Backing tracks for the next three songs – The Devil’s Cavalry, Rule Britannia and Crossing the Bridge have all been laid down and serious work will start on them as soon as we have the first two tracks complete.

We have had dozens of requests, some almost begging, for us to release some of our old tapes into the wild. So let us repeat once more… THIS IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! The old tapes have deteriorated beyond the point of salvage and, although we have had them digitized for posterity, we would not be happy with these recordings being widely available. The vast majority of the Paralex catalogue will be reworked, including the material co-written by ex-band member Kev Bower (now playing with the magnificent Hell), who has kindly given the project his blessing.

So PLEASE be patient… You will get to hear all the old Paralex songs that you remember, but vastly improved on the originals. We have tried to maintain the original NWOBHM spirit so don’t expect polished production values, but the songs and arrangements will be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century!

That’s about it for this update. We apologise for the amount of time we are taking but hope you find it worth the wait. After 26 years, a few more weeks isn’t so long. Thanks for your patience and the loyalty of all you fans that have taken the time to contact us with messages of support. We salute you.

Stay metal \m/ \m/

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