Key to a Thousand Doors: Recording complete!

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We’re happy to announce that all the current recordings have been completed and the masters delivered to No Remorse Records.

There is currently a four month waiting list at the vinyl pressing plant and so we have to wait patiently for the release to be scheduled, but with a bit of luck we should see ‘Key to a Thousand Doors’ available just in time for Christmas.

It’s been a real blast over the last year or so seeing this project coming to life and big thanks to No Remorse in having faith in us. Also massive thanks to you, the loyal fans, who have been waiting a mere 29 years for this record to come out! We salute you all!

We currently have two more tracks being worked on (including a brand-new song) and plan to record a few more Paralex classics, so who knows what for the future. Thanks for all your support.

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  1. Dear Paralex,

    Perhaps Phil, you might remember my name from a few years ago, as someone who was begging to have copies of your demos sent to him (however unlistenable you might deem them).

    It indeed is very heartening to learn that a label has finally shown interest in your material and have agreed to put them out formally. It really is long overdue, all this recognition. You deserve more credit than most other NWOBHM bands strutting around to this day. At least to me.

    And I surely hope to be there to be one of your first customers to buy your formally released material.

    One thing that disturbs me though, is that the news actually mentions only about No Remorse’s Vinyl pressing plant. Does this mean that ‘Key To A Thousand Doors’ will only be released on Vinyl and not on CD? Please clarify there.

    I dont have a vinyl player, and would therefore be extremely happy if your new album is released in CD format as well.

    Please reply to my humble query.

    Good luck,


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