First track released.

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Well, here it is. The first recording from Paralex for 26 years, We Are Not the First.

This is a re-work of a track we first put down in a lock-up garage in Balderton on a four-track portable TASCAM machine in 1986. We know it ain’t polished, but we have tried to maintain the NWOBHM sound whilst dragging the song into the 21st Century.

We realise we have been somewhat tardy with this project for reasons previously explained, but we are well into the process now and hopefully the new tracks will come out a lot quicker from now on.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy the track. Please take the time to comment on our blog and-or Facebook  as we look forward to hearing your feedback. Please tag your posts with #paralexmetal. Thanks again for your loyalty through the years.

You can listen to We Are Not the First here.

Mark Gibson – Guitars
Ian Johnson – Guitars
Jez O’Donovan – Drums
Phil Ayling – Vocals
Dave Blundy – Bass

Music – Mark Walker
Lyrics – Phil Ayling

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  1. I know that I'm just another face in the crowd of Paralex fans out there. But I cant help but make clear my appreciation of this song. Phil, I am sure you must have a couple of my mails enquiring about re-issue of old material especially the rainbow and revolvo sessions. Keep it coming mate. Your band's the best – yeah better than Saxon, Iron Maiden, Blitzkrieg, Satan……..I can keep rolling out names.No kidding pal, your band's truly better than them all.Good luck and keep it coming. Cheers.

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