First recording work

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The first track we’re trying to drag into the 21st Century is a 1984 song entitled ‘We Are Not The First’.

It’s basically about the Earth having been visited aliens before the human race was civilized and that the great structures of the world – the Pyramids for example – are a consequence of those visits. It’s also about the destructive nature of humans and suggests that we ain’t gonna survive.

It’s a great song – offbeats, crunchy riffs, soaring twin guitar harmonies, blistering solos – something for everyone!

It’s probably one of the more complex songs we’ve ever done which is probably a daft choice seeing as we’re all learning how to use the recording software at the same time but hey! we may as well jump in at the deep end!

Seeing as we’ve no intentions of playing this stuff live, we’re gonna layer everything up and do things that we wouldn’t have done live. Maybe a few keybord sections and I’ve even got an anvil to stick in there somewhere.

It’s going to take time for us to get to grips with this – we’ve been working together since June and still haven’t got a final take yet – but we’ll get it right eventually. It’s really amazing what you can do with the recording software, I wish we’d had this technology 30 years ago!

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